Application Areas

Typical tasks for flow production systems

How does a change in the product mix affect the production rate/throughput?

How many buffer locations are required before which stations?

How many workpiece carriers are required to achieve the planned production rate/throughput?

Typical tasks for workshop, island and series production

Welche Auswirkungen haben harmonisierte Fertigungslosgrößen auf die Auslastung der Ressourcen und die Durchlaufzeiten?

How does the changeover from push principle to pull principle (e.g. KANBAN) affect you?

What influence do alternative work plans have on the key figures?

How does a change in the number of units affect the manufacturing costs, current stocks and throughput times of the products?

How does the change in the shift model affect the key figures?

Which resources are currently the bottleneck and what effects do they have on throughput times, staging areas and circulating stocks?

What influence does a changed positioning of a resource in the layout have on the material flow costs?

What effect do changed transport lots have on transport intensities?

What influence does the new customer decoupling point have on current stocks, staging areas and throughput times?