Application Areas

The ema Work Designer software can be used for human simulation, 3D production planning, human-robot collaboration and virtual ergonomics as well as for the use of motion capture data for 3D simulation and digital ergonomics evaluation.

Production Planning / Industrial Engineering

Application Area ema - Production Planning and Industrial Engineering
Integrated planning combines classic factory planning with simulation of human work in production, time management, cycle time diagrams, waste analyses and value creation determination and leads to the following

  • Determination of optimal personnel and equipment deployment and for the
  • Virtualization of CIP (Continuous Improvement Process).
Examples for ema simulations

ema: workflow of production planning

ema: simulation of the assembly on the moving vehicle

ema: line balancing funtions

ema: simulation of the logistical commissioning

ema: simulation of the pre-assembly showing the loading of a box

Virtual Ergonomics

Application Area ema - Virtual Ergonomics
By means of a semi-automatic ergonomics evaluation with EAWS and other methods, physical stress factors (posture, forces, loads) can be taken into account already in the planning phase and work processes can be ergonomically designed. Further advantages:
  • Fulfilment of legal and operational requirements through humane workplace design
  • Ensuring the value-adding deployment of personnel for the highest quality and productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism due to ergonomic workstations
  • Ergonomic design of machines and plants considering different body sizes according to DIN EN 33402-2
Examples for ema simulations

ema: planning and simulation of skills-based workplaces

ema: Virtual ergonomics and simulation of design variants

Human-robot Collaboration

Application Area ema - Human-robot Collaboration
The integration of (partial) automation, time management and occupational safety as well as features such as automatic collision detection and safety assessment enable:
  • qualified predictions of economic efficiency in the concept phase
  • Optimal process design of MRK stations under practical conditions and in consideration of DIN standards
  • Planning with integrated 3D objects of robots from various manufacturers, including ABB, BOSCH, KUKA, Staeubli, UR and Yaskawa
  • early protection against professional associations and works councils
  • Reduction of commissioning costs
Examples for ema simulations

ema: simulation of Human-robot collaboration for a door assembly

ema: simulation of human-robot collaboration with process interuption

ema: simulation of robot slow down automation within a fenceless safety Human-robot collaboration environment

Motion Capture Integration

Application Area ema - Motion Capture Integration
Motion captured and recorded motion data can be integrated into the ema planning solution and transferred to the digital human model. Integrated motion data can be processed in the ema software with, among other things, weight and force assignments, segmented and fed into an ergonomics evaluation.
  • Import of system-independent transaction data in BVH format
  • Compatibility with data from tracking systems from e.g. A.R.T., AXS, Vicon, Xsens
  • EAWS Ergonomics Analysis from Motion Capture
Examples for ema simulations

ema: integration of motion capture in digital production planning system