Benefits for the planning of production processes with emaWD

With 3D technology and valid methodology, the emaWD software supports conventional production planning approaches, especially for manufacturing and assembly processes with human involvement. This results in significant benefits for manufacturers already in the concept phase for more economic efficiency and sustainability.

Economic Benefits by the use of emaWD

  • Increased efficiency in production preparation and industrial engineering
  • Prospective planning, design and optimization of human work in the digital factory
  • Determination of optimal use of personnel and resources
  • Cost reduction for physical prototypes and superstructures
  • High flexibility in the integration of customer-specific IE standards
  • Quality improvement and maturity of planned work processes during SOP and commissioning
  • Fast and detailed results as well as comparison of different process variants
  • Continuous further development of libraries and functions (MRK, Virtual Aging, Motion Capture and Virtual Reality
  • Improved communication and plausibility with stakeholders through visualization
  • Results and reports based on recognised industry standards
  • Virtualization of the CIP

Sustainability Benefits by the use of emaWD

  • Compliance with legal and operational requirements through preventive, human-oriented workplace design
  • Transparent and optimized ergonomics
  • Ensuring the value-adding deployment of personnel for the highest quality and productivity
  • Ergonomic design of machines and plants considering different body sizes according to DIN EN 33402-2
  • Reduced absenteeism due to ergonomic workstations
  • Consideration of further DIN standards
  • Early protection against professional associations and works councils
  • Export and further processing of generated transaction and analysis data
  • Utilisable results through valid time analyses, ergonomics evaluations and value creation determinations
Benefits for Education an Research

Benefits due to the use of emaWD for education purposes

  • vivid teaching of the basics of Industry 4.0 / Ergonomics 4.0 with the topics Digital Factory, Virtual Ergonomics, Human-Robot Interaction, Assistance Systems
  • emaWD makes design measures visible, assessable and discussable Direct and interactive involvement of students in the learning process with fun factor
  • use in e.g. individual work, group work, self-study phases
  • integration of a modular teaching concept for the use of emaWD including practice-oriented videos, teaching materials and emaWD-scenarios

Benefits due to the use of emaWD for research purposes

  • technologically leading software for work process planning and design with interfaces to various systems (MoCap, VR a.s.o.)
  • professional support for doctorates