Editions & Modules

Editions / Modules


emaPD-WIR Modul
(workshop, row and island production)
emaPD-ML Modul
(material flow and layout planning inlcuding ema Work Designer Layout)
emaPD-F modul
(flow production)
emaPD-I Modul
(import assistent from Excel)
emaPD-K Modul
(cost calculation)


emaPD Professional Edition
(contains all modules for commercial use)
emaPD Education Edition
(contains all modules for edcuation and teaching purposes only, no commercial use)


The ema Plant Designer provides these results:

  • Utilisation of workstations and bottleneck analysis
  • Production costs per article/product family
  • Lead times and critical paths
  • Required buffer locations and their utilization
  • Production workplace areas
  • Material flows (intensity/effort)