ema Editions and License Model

ema Demo Edition


ema DEMO Edition is a fully featured software with all features that are available in ema’s Professional Edition. Compared to the ema Professional Edition there are two differences and one limitation:


  • ema DEMO Edition watermark in the graphics window
  • ema DEMO Edition flag on each worker used
  • only 5th percentile female and 95th percentile male workers are available


It was created to support an easy adoption of the software and to support educational institutions in their educational work. It can be installed for free and on as many computers as needed. The Demo Edition is free of charge and only allowed for non-commercial use.


ema Edition


3D visual planning and analysis software based on an autonomously acting human worker model. Suitable for the design and analysis of work stations and small assembly lines.

Special Functions:

  • Various male and female human worker models representing 5th, 50th and 95th percentiles
  • Comprehensive task library for workflow description (walk, pick and place, fasten, kneel, lay down and many more), definition of tasks groups
  • Task synchronization
  • Comprehensive object library for user defined geometries, layouts and products or to augment imported geometries (boxes, walls, doors, floors, stairs, etc.)
  • Layout, product and CAD data import interface (JT, Collada, VRML and others)
  • Spaghetti diagram including walk way analysis
  • Workflow report including ErgoCheck
  • Cycle time diagrams
  • Collision avoidance in relation to geometric objects
  • Data import and export interface supporting CSV data
  • Database integration interface
  • Annotation function to include descriptive text for visualization or training purposes
  • Callouts with synchronization in relation to tasks and/or locations for training and documentation purposes
ema Time & Ergo


The ema Time & Ergo Edition contains all functionalitites of the ema Edition added by reporting features related to time analysis and ergonomics analysis.

Comprehensive Ergonomics Analysis based on EAWS method

  • Green-yellow-red display for each task
  • Ergonomic point assignment and display
  • Variety of sort and search functions to identify ergonomically challenging task within a workflow
  • Identification of ergonomically critical load constellations
  • CSV and XLSX Export

Comprehensive timing analysis based on MTM-UAS standard

  • Automatic selection of appropriate UAS codes for each task or task group
  • Automatic determination of associated standard times
  • Continuous consistency checks based on object parameters
  • CSV and XLSX Export
ema Professional


The ema Professional Edition contains the Time & Ergo Edition added by functionalities to integrate dynamic objects, weld, assembly line balancing and motion capturing interfaces.

Dynamic work station simulation for assembly lines with transportation equipment, such as conveyors

  • including complex kinematic animation of structured objects
  • import of robotic data movement based on forward kinematic simulation
  • individual cinematic definition and simulation based on inverse kinematic simulation
  • synchronization between workers and objects
  • connection between workers and objects

Motion Capturing Interface

  • assignment of motion capturing data from external capturing systems
  • capture data editor
  • mixed simulation based on motion capturing data and ema standard tasks
  • motion capturing based EAWS Analysis incl. forces and weights
  • BVH file format import

Welding Simulation

  • import of mounting information including welding spots and spot groups
  • special tasks for welding tool motion paths definition including automatic human movement computation

Assembly Line Balancing

  • cycle variation analysis, definition of cycle groups consisting of tasks, products, workers, tools, a.s.o.
  • easy drag and drop based sequence change of cycle groups
  • task filtering
  • prorated/partial task analysis
License Model

ema Default LAN License

  • software could be applied within a radius of 20 miles / 30 km around the primary location
  • can be installed on an individual workstation or a server
  • applicable on multiple workstations in Viewer mode
  • checking out LAN License for temporarily application outside the geographical scope area

ema Regional WAN License

  • software could be applied within the country the purchase has occured
  • remote access in geographicalscope area
  • applicable on multiple workstations in Viewer mode

ema Global WAN License

  • software could be applied worldwide
  • applicable without any geographical restrictions
  • checking out LAN License for temporarily application outside the geographical scope area