Editions and License Model

Whether for getting to know ema at all, for training purposes, for entire process and workplace planning with or without time analyses and ergonomics evaluations - discover the application-oriented ema editions. Learn more about ema's licensing model and the possibilities for using ema from single workstations to mobile workstations worldwide.

emaWD Demo Edition


The Demo Edition offers interested parties a free and easy introduction to ema. When using the software without a license you can choose between "Viewer mode" and "Demo mode". In viewer mode, even planned ema scenarios can be simulated.


The demo mode contains the full software functionality of the "Professional Edition" with the restriction that only the human models "Female 5th percentile" and "Male 95th percentile" are included. Corresponding notes for exclusively non-commercial use are displayed as well. The selection of the mode to be used can be changed both during the installation process and during operation.

emaWD Edition


Efficient 3D simulation software for planning, visualization and documentation of all human work activities.

Special Functions:

  • Object library with female and male human models (5th, 50th and 95th percentile respectively)
  • Object library with parametric objects (containers, walls, doors, stairs, etc.)
  • Execution library with basic movements and actions (walking, picking up, placing, kneeling, lying, fixing etc.)
  • Import interface for layout, product and CAD data (JT, Collada, VRML and others)
  • Spaghetti diagram incl. process description and route analysis
  • Process report including guide time calculation & ErgoCheck
  • Definition of action groups
  • Execution synchronization
  • Time measurement diagrams
  • Collision detection and avoidance with geometry objects
  • Interface for data import and export (.csv)
  • Comment function for displaying information texts during process visualization or for training purposes
  • Speech bubbles as an aid for training purposes or for documenting tasks and/or places of work

ema: Workflow

emaWD Time & Ergo Edition


The ema Time & Ergo Edition contains all functions of the ema Edition supplemented by reporting functions for time management and ergonomics.

Simulation time analysis according to MTM-UAS standard

  • semi-automatic selection of relevant UAS codes per execution or execution group
  • semi-automatic evaluation of associated standard times
  • continuous consistency check based on object parameters
  • Export of generated results in Excel and CSV format

Integration of the EAWS method for the holistic ergonomic evaluation of the human workplaces modeled in ema

  • semi-automatic EAWS evaluation module with detailed result display
  • Visualization of the tasks with ergonomics traffic light
  • Sorting and search functions for the identification of ergonomically endangered workplaces
  • Export of generated EAWS results in Excel and CSV format
emaWD Professional Edition


The ema Professional Edition covers the spectrum of Time & Ergo, supplemented by functionalities for the integration of dynamic objects, welding processes, transfer operations, process changes and motion capturing interfaces.

Dynamic Objects

Planning of dynamically moving objects and object groups up to interaction in partially moving production scenarios (moving belt).


special functions:

  • Integration of complex kinematic animations of structural objects
  • Functions for the simulation of arbitrary geometric objects
  • Functions for synchronization / coupling of object and human model movements
  • Import of motion data from robots based on forward kinematics simulation
  • individual definition of kinematic parameters and simulation based on inverse kinematic simulation

Motion Capturing

Interface for seamless use of motion capturing data in human model simulations.


special functions:

  • additional performance to apply MoCap data to existing human models
  • Support of your own internal MoCap data format
  • Functions for shortening and trimming MoCap sequences
  • Assigning Motion Capturing Data to external capturing systems
  • Simulation of motion capturing data combined with ema's standard functions
  • EAWS analyses incl. specifications and weights based on motion capturing data
  • Importing BVH file formats

Welding Simulation

Automated generation of manual joining processes. The 3D process documentation is simulated immediately. Approach, return and departure movements are carried out largely automatically.


special functions:

  • Import function for joining data (welding spots or welding spot groups)
  • special execution for the simulation of the guidance of tools incl. tracking
  • suitable for simulation of point and path applications

Line Balancing and Process Chances

Simple line balancing of entire performance or cycle time groups incl. all linked resources via drag & drop.


special functions:

  • Cycle time analyses, definition of cycle time groups with linked resources (tasks, products, workers, tools, etc.)
  • Time shifting of entire cycle time and execution groups by drag & drop
  • directional filter combinations
  • Analysis of partial executions

ema: simulation of assembly processes on moving belt by the use of a assembly seat

emaWD Education Edition



The emaWD Education Edition is offered exclusively for use in teaching and university education and reasearch as well.  The Education Edition corresponds in scope to the "emaWD Professional Edition" and contains watermarks.

Additional Modules

CADProcessor powered by invenio Virtual Technologies GmbH

ema Work Designer 1.9.0 - CADProcessor for reduction of JT data

As of version ema Work Designer 1.9.0, the CADProcessor module is available, which is offered with the CADReduction submodule including reduction functions for JT data and CADComparison for the generation and visualization of difference geometries.


Both partial modules are available individually or as a package and can be purchased, rented or as an on-demand model. [Request Now]

License Model

ema standard license LAN

  • Use of the software within a radius of 30km around the primary point of use
  • can be installed and used on workstation or server
  • Use at several workstations in viewer mode
  • LAN license can be separated for temporary use outside geographical area of application

ema global license WAN

  • World wide use without geographic restrictions
  • LAN license can be separated for temporary use on mobile workstations

License Package


Paid-Up nodelock

(Workstation assigned)

Paid-Up floating





ema Edition
ema Time & Ergo
ema Professional
ema Education
ema Research *


ema Edition - x x x
ema Time & Ergo
ema Professional

 = applicable; Θ = not applicable


*The ema Research Edition corresponds to the scope of ema Professional with watermark and is made available to partners exclusively for research projects.