The software emaWD is an industrial planning method, research tool and university teaching tool and is used in various industries with different application focuses. In automotive engineering, plant engineering & mechanical engineering, metal & electrical industry as well as in aerospace, ema is primarily used for production and assembly planning as well as ergonomic workplace design. Universities use ema as a technology for virtual ergonomics and 3D production planning in the fields of mechanical engineering and ergonomics. ema is also an important component in research projects on human-robot collaboration, future work and 3D digital human models.


ema: Body shop at Volkswagen Sachsen

ema: planning and simulation of work processes for final vehicle assembly

ema: simulation of a high-voltage cable assembly on undercarriage

ema: simulation of Human-robot collaboration for door assembly processes

Plant and Mechanical Engineering

ema: simulation of Human-robot collaboration at Geberit

Metal and Electrical Industry

ema: production planning at home appliance manufacturing

ema: simulation of loading processes in the body shop


ema: simulation of the assembly of air jets

Engineering Services

ema: HRC concept simulation

Education and Science

Research Projects (Selection)

AnDy - Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration

AnDy - Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration


Development of technologies for the better interaction between man and machine with anticipation of the movement behaviour of both actors.


BewVar - Investigation of human motion variance
BewVar - Investigation of human motion variance


Research project for the investigation of the human motion variance to secure HRC processes in the planning simulation incl. implementation of the motion variants in the planning tool ema.

Mapping of motion capture with a digital human model




Research into the effects of mechanical stress on the strain on the individual muscle parts.

Research Project KoMPI
Tasks-based, digital planning of collaborative assembly systems and integration into variable production scenarios (KoMPI)


Research project within the framework of the funding programme Innovations for tomorrow's production, services and work. Focus is the development of a method for the integrated planning and realization of collaborative workplace systems in assembly with variable product scenarios.

Research Project Virtual Aging


Research project for the simulation of age-related performance-restrictions in the virtual design of processes and products.