emaWD Release 1.9.2 available now

by Patrick Sammler  

Software update including new features and functions for better process simulation and for the efficient data import e.g.

The new version emaWD 1.9.2

The new version emaWD 1.9.2. contains significant improvements and innovations that provide the user with significant added value in the planning of production processes and work places. For example, many new practical layout functions, objects and user interfaces are integrated. The collision avoidance for the motion sequences of the human models has been optimized and the wizard for data import has also been significantly improved to create processes and simulations even more easily and quickly from tabular production data.


  • new objects and new object properties
  • added features and optimized user interfaces
  • new functionalities for the simulation
  • emaWD Wizard 2.0 for the easy and quick data import

New functions for the simulation of production processes

Better import of parts list for the quick development of production processes and its simulation


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