Not on site, but always there for you - your support team of imk automotive GmbH informs

by Patrick Sammler  
it is a special concern of ours to give you a feeling of security and normality especially in these times. Although we cannot solve the problems caused by Sars-CoV-2    ourselves, we can assure you of unlimited support for our ema Software Suite solutions.
To ensure that you can continue to place your valuable trust in us, we have reorganized our software support and adapted it to the current situation. Not on site, but always there for you - this is our promise to you. We continue to guarantee personal support, albeit digitally and virtually by using modern communication technologies.
To ensure this, we have created the ideal hardware and software infrastructure for our entire development and support team to enable efficient work in the home office. For the few employees remaining in our offices, social distancing applies. Even in-house meetings are consistently held in the form of web sessions. For the best possible childcare, imk supports its staff with flexible working hours, while customer care is always guaranteed.
How to contact our software support team

Ticket System:
Availability: guaranteed for core working hours Mo – Fr 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Processing time: Mo – Sa within 24 hours


The ongoing technical development of the ema software suite will be ensured as planned and the next release of the ema Work Designer will be published in May 2020.
You can look forward e.g. to

  • the ema Wizard 2.0 for even easier simulation creation via Excel import,
  • new layout features to position and arrange objects more efficiently and
  • the extended pathfinding function to avoid mutual collisions of several human models while walking.

We present this new release and further highlights as well as application examples for the ema Work Designer and ema Plant Designer online. For digital learning, we have extended our webinar offerings in german language for you which is published on Please contact us in case you would receive all release information in English as well.


All measures introduced have no effect on IT-specific and commercial processes with regard to the use and implementation of our software solutions. If you have any questions regarding licenses and forms of use, please contact


We hope to give you a little support and consistency and wish you maximum health and all the best for the coming period. Many thanks for your loyalty and stay accustomed to us.


With kind regards, your imk support team

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