References emaWD Users

The software ema Work Designer is an industrial planning method, research tool and university training tool and is used in various industries with different application focuses. In automotive engineering, plant engineering & mechanical engineering as well as in the metal & electrical industry and aerospace industry, ema is used for production and assembly planning as well as ergonomic workplace design.

Universities use the software ema as a technology for virtual ergonomics and 3D production planning at the faculties of mechanical engineering and economics. ema is also an important component in national and international research projects on human-robot collaboration, future work concepts and digital 3D human models.

Trainings & Refreshing Session

In our trainings the participants learn the independent application of the software on the basis of practical examples. The target group is quite broad. Experts in industrial engineering, production planning and ergonomics as well as other professionals from the manufacturing industry make use of our training courses, as do scientific employees or students from research institutes and universities.


Qualification Model and Training Dates