ema in Research and Teaching

A part of the Digital Product Development Process

Since 2010 imk automotive is cooperating with the Applied University Jena (Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule, EAH) with the objective of providing mutual support in issues of research and teaching.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jacobs is the Chair of Manufacturing Technology in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the EAH. His master course ‘Digital Factory’ demonstrates the students the digital product development process and illustrates difficulties associated with process design, system compatibility, and user know-how. For this purpose, the University acquired some software bundles of Delmia V5 with a lot of functions including the simulation of human work. However, it was necessary to reduce the effort of learning the software in order to show the students the benefits and multiple possibilities of application of the digital tools. The user-friendly interface and the transparent.


planning methodology of emaV5 provided a reasonable foundation for teaching digital human simulation with Delmia V5. Therefore, the University purchased emaV5 education licenses for all of their workstations. imk supports research and teaching by giving practical presentations, by providing topics for projects and theses, and also by supporting the software application at the University. EAH can now rely on a partner that improves teaching in technical and methodical aspects and thereby demonstrates the importance of the ‘Digital Product Development Process’ to the students.

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