System Integration

ema could be integrated in existing system landscapes by diverse interfaces. In addition to the existing interfaces imk devolps individual import and export modules.

Existing Interfaces


Geometric Data Import (CAD)

  • *.dae – „Collada“ (AutomationML and CAD Standard on Google Earth)
  • *.jt – „Jupiter Tesselation“ (3D data format from PLM XML)
  • *.obj – „Wavefront“ (open format for cross platform data sharing)


Result Data Export & Re-utilization Motion Simulation

  • *.ema – „ema project file“ (displayed with free of charge Viewer)
  • *.avi – „Video file “ (direct video creation in ema)
  • *.bmp“ – „Graphic file“ (direct screenshot creation in ema)


Reports (Process analyis, Ergonomics evaluation and Spaghetti chart, ...)

  • *.xlsx – „MS Excel“ (Excel 2007 an newer)
  • *.csv – „Comma-separated values“ (open, table based interface)


Process Data Import and Export

  • *.csv – „Comma-separated values“ (open , table based interface, convertable in any XML format)