ema training modules

The modularization of the ema training concept offers the advantage of user oriented qualification and ensures the comparability of qualification stages.

ema Basic
  • 3 day basic training
  • Data management
  • Basics of planning with ema
  • Review and interpretation of results


ema Ergonomics
  • 2 day training
  • Ergonomics analysis and optimization
ema Productivity
  • 2 day training
  • Value-added work and process optimization
ema Visualization
  • 2 day training
  • Buildability and plausibility anlaysis
ema Professional
  • 5 day workshop or 5x1 days courses within one year
  • Comprehensive use of planning methods in ema throughout different stages of the product development process
  • Practical experiences and user-specific case studies
ema Individual Trainings
  • individual trainings for specific domains or use cases (logistics, Wled, Electronics)

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