Virtual Production Planning with the ema Software Suite

The ema Software Suite combines 3D technology and modern planning methods for solutions for the virtual production planning and workplace design including simulation and process evaluation.

Digital Production and Materialflow Planning

The ema Plant Designer is the best software for holistic and integrated planning, evaluation and optimisation of production processes including materialflow simulation and area as well as buffer space analysis, resource planning and the determination of quantities, lead time and manufacturing costs. [to the product page]

Human Simulation, Process Planning and virtual Ergonomics

The ema Work Designer is used for efficient workplace design and process planning of manual and semi-automated activities as well as human-robot collaboration systems. With the integrated digital human model and the functions for simulation-based 3D planning, this software is especially suitable for the design, evaluation and optimization of production processes in manufacturing and assembly. [to the product page]

Software Solutions

Innovative technology and modern methods for the smart software - our solutions for the virtual production planning and workplace design including functions for 3D simulation and process evaluation according to standards like MTM-UAS and EAWS.

ema Work Designer

The software for human simulation, workplace and process design & virtual ergonomics [Details]

ema Plant Designer

The software for holistic and intregrated production and material flow planning [Details]

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