ema Plant Designer

Integrated factory & material flow planning

Virtual planning of production processes & layouts

Reduce footprint

-30% Surface
Efficient use of space
& resources through optimisation of material flows & buffer areas

Getting better and better

+25% Productivity
Optimisation of capacity utilisation incl. bottleneck identification incl. calculation of required resources 

Costs in view

-20% Cost
Determination of measures through analysis of material, manufacturing and
& Current inventory costs

Holistic production & material flow planning

The ema Plant Designer enables the simple, quick and precise planning and Evaluation from Production processes with the aim of developing lean and highly efficient production.

The software offers the best of the worlds of simulation & value stream and delivers robust results on Capacity utilisation of jobs incl. Bottleneck analysis, Production costs, Lead times and critical paths, Buffer locations and Manufacturing space, Material flows and Resource consumption independent of type and Size of the use case


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Five steps to the digital factory twin

Buffer spaces

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