Functions and requirements

ema Software Suite Overview of functions emaPD - Professional emaWD - Base emaWD - Performance emaWD - Professional / Education
Human models
Human models male/female 50th body height percentile German population l l l l
Models male/female; 5th/50th/95th percentile of body height; German population, North America, Japan, China, Mexico l l
Age groups (20/40/60 years); mobility (age-typically average and limited) l l
Support for human models with individual body dimensions l l
Integrated accessibility check in the movement generator l l l
Collision avoidance while running l l l
Advanced collision avoidance for tasks with upper body movements l l
Reachability tests (3D and 2D gripping spaces according to DIN EN ISO 14738) l l
Work on moving objects l l
Work on moving objects l l l
Creation of user-specific tasks and object libraries l l l
Drag-and-drop for interactive order naming and activity assignment l l l
Consistency and plausibility checks (missing objects, missing tasks, correct sequence etc.) l l l
ema Wizard Import l l l
Reports / Process analysis
Result cockpit, work process description, spaghetti diagram, cycle time diagram (with with process dependencies), Ergo-Check l l l
Export to csv, xlsx; objects, time analysis, spaghetti diagr. Taktzeitdiagr., EAWS; NIOSH, workplace profiles if available l l
Simulation time calculation or manually specified target times for processes l l l
Automatic MTM-UAS time analysis "approved by MTM" - incl. consideration of the rules and regulations and official notes l l
Screenshot/video export, comments, notes and speech bubbles l l l
Set-up potentials (display of the ergonomic potential for set-up groups) l l
Field of view analysis for human models (ego perspective for visual evaluations) l l l
Interactive and easy-to-use camera path creation in combination with the integrated video export l l l
Ergonomics assessment and functions
EAWS ergonomics assessment method (posture, forces, weights), Point Booster Analysis l l
NIOSH Ergonomics Assessment Method + Load Handling Assessment l l
Job requirement analysis l l
Ergonomics assessment with MoCap data (body postures, body part heights, joint angles - e.g. torso, head) l
Dynamic colouring of body parts l l
User interface
Simplified/reduced user interface l
VR functionality (in 3 modes) with basic review and parts handling functionality ¡ ¡ ¡ l
Touch interface support l l l l
Space mouse support l l l l
Layout functionalities l l l l
Automatic layout optimisation (Schmigalla - Material flow) l
Route network with routing functions (route widths according to statutory workplace guidelines) l l l
Object library (approx. 500 elements, standard equipment, parametric geometry, tools, robots etc.) l l l l
Professional reclocking
Drag and drop sequence change for reclocking l l l
Drag-and-drop sequence change with automatic layout adjustment for re-clocking l
Human Robot Collaboration MRC / Robotics
Import and display of quick check results with MRK potential on fixtures l
MRK: Special robot movements, visualisation of movement and safety zones safety zones l
Simulation with action-reaction logic for safety devices, transformation of operations (human ↔ robot) l
MRK report with collision detection and evaluation according to ISO/TS 15066 l
MoCap (Motion Capturing) - Motion capture
Universal device to transfer captured motion data to human models l
parameters for sharing recorded data and defining the task type; Ergonomic parameters for evaluation l
Facilities for human models
Object handling
Simple: Work process simulation activities (walking, picking up, placing, actuating, pushing/pulling) l l l
Advanced: Move object(s) to target/preset position l l
Advanced: Transfer object, reach around, separate; move object(s) on path; Create/disconnect object l l
Body movements
easy: walk, kneel, squat, bend/ stoop l l l
Basic for seated workstations: sit down; straighten up l l l
Basic for seated workstations: Slide to target l l
Advanced: step in default direction; move foot to target l l
Advanced: Full step; turn in place; enter/exit vehicle; lie down. get in/out; lie down l l
Tool handling
Use tools l l l
Move tool to path; move hand to TCP l l
Move tool on path (extended) - manual welding gun operations l
Manual activities
Screws by hand l l l
Wipe over surface l l
Hand/arm movement
Grasp; move hand to target / to default position / on path l l
Head movement
Check/Read l l l
View l l
General tasks
Synchronisation: Waiting (time), Waiting (until other tasks are done) l l l
Verrichtungsgruppe l l l
Complex tasks
Complex tasks: Screwing, clipping l l
MoCap motion capture data
Specific operation for importing transaction recording data (*.bvh) l
Interactive functions for cutting and merging Mocap data l
Facilities for objects
Object movement
Trigger predefined movements on library objects (open gate) 1) l l l
Move; colour change/transparency l l l
Move in default direction; Rotate; Rotate; Create/remove link l l
Complex object forward kinematics | inverse kinematics | degrees of freedom (concrete configurations) l
Robot movement
Move robot; pick up/place object(s) (robot) l
General tasks
Synchronisation: wait (time), wait (until other tasks are done) l l l
Verrichtungsgruppe l l l
Factory planning
Production programme - determination of the achievable quantities l
Working time, set-up time, downtimes | utilisation and set-up level | required resources (incl. bottleneck) l
Determination of higher required input per workplace due to (scrap/rework) and the higher capacity requirement l
Cycle time and total time - calculation of process time, waiting time, set-up time, transport time and idle time | critical path l
Target/actual comparison of throughput times and potential determination l
Determination of necessary buffer locations l
Calculation of the production rate | Determination of the required transport packaging (number of load carriers) l
Calculation of manufacturing costs, direct material costs and material overheads, calculation of of the working capital costs (WIP) l
Calculation of the required production area | Determination of Provision zones for push or pull principle l
Probability calculation for staging areas | Determination of the number of storage bins in the interim storage facility l
Determination of the number of required parking spaces and the space required in the Goods Receiving Warehouse l
Material flow
Presentation of intensities and efforts | Layout planning based on key figures | 3D visualisation l
Data import (wizard) - parts lists, routings, workstation information and master data l
Material properties: Ordering policy (t,q-/t,S-/s,q-/s,S-strategy), Maximum delay for reorder point procedures l
Value stream
Automatic generation of a value stream display with KPI calculation & option for individual visual customisation l
Common H2 database l
NVIDIA Omniverse Connector (ema -> nucleus USD, interactive live session) ¡ ¡ ¡ l
Basic CAD/file interface import: *.dae; *.dxf; *.jpg; *.jt; *.obj; *.png; *.stl; *.stp; *.step; *.tga; *.wrl; *.las l l l l
Basic CAD/File Interfaces Export: *.dae; *.jpg; *.obj; *.png; *.stl; *.tga; *.pdf; *.mp4 l l l l
Advanced CAD/file interfaces2) ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡
Invenio CADProcessor Add-Ins
ema CADReduction - powerful and efficient *.jt geometry reduction (geometrical and structural) ¡ ¡ ¡
ema CADComparision - powerful and efficient *.jt geometry comparison (at the geometry level) ¡ ¡ ¡
Import for connection data, spot welds l l
*.bvh import (motion data from motion capturing systems - high compatibility) l
Import for halocline data l l l
CSV / XLSX exports for calculated results l l l l
Universal transaction data export | human | objects (customisable *.csv, *.bvh) l l
axilaris Collaboration Hub (virtual desktop infrastructure for worldwide remote access to high-performance workstations) ¡ (¡) (¡) ¡

1) When available
2) additional interfaces

READ: *.3dDxml; *.3dm; *.asm; *.CATPart; *.CATProduct; *.cgr; *.dlv; *.exp; *.glb; *.gltf; *.ifc; *.igs; *.ipt; *.iam; *.model; *.new; *.par; *.prt; *.rf; *.sab; *.sat; *.session; *.sldasm; *.sldprt; *.vda; *.x_b; *.x_t; *.xas; *.xmt_txt;

WRITE: *.CATPart; *.CATProduct; *.cgr; *.glb; *.gltf; *.jt; *.rf; *.pdf (3D); *.stp; *.step *.wrl;

Included file formats

Standard = Import/Export included in every ema version
Name Format Import Export
3DPDF1) *.pdf - Standard
Colladafiles *.dae Standard Standard
DrawingInterchange *.dxf Standard -
FBX *.fbx Standard Standard
Image format *.jpg,*.tga,*.png Standard Standard
JT *.jt Standard
STEP1) *.stp;*.step Standard
STLfiles *.stl Standard Standard
Video *.mp4 - Standard
VRML *.wrl Standard
Wavefront *.obj Standard Standard
Standard Available in any ema edition without additional fee
Additionally purchasable
Option not available

1) Included in every software licence purchase or lease as from 2022

2) The import supports BREP, assembly and features. Tessellated data is not supported.

SOLIDWORKS® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation.
CATIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes.
NX® is a trademark or registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.
Wildfire® or CREO® and CADDS® are registered trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation.
JT Open is a member of the Siemens PLM community.
Inventor® is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

It cannot be ruled out that other formats mentioned are registered trademarks.

Additional file formats

Annual rental (maintenance included) 750€ per CAD interface (import or export)
Name Format Import Export
ACIS *.sat;*.sab -
CATIAV4 *.model;*.dlv; *.exp;*.session -
CATIAV5 *.CATPart,*.CATProduct,*.cgr
CATIAV6 *.3dDxml -
Creo/ Pro/Engineer *.new;*.prt;*.asm;*.xas -
GLTF *.gltf,*.glb
IFC *.ifc -
IGES *.igs -
Inventor *.ipt;*.iam -
JT *.jt Standard
NX/ Unigraphics *.prt -
Rhino- OpenNurbs *.3dm -
SolidEdge *.par;*.asm;*.psm -
Solidworks2) *.sldprt;*.sldasm -
STEP *.stp;*.step Standard
VDA *.vda -
VRML *.wrl Standard
XTFormat *.x_t;*.xmt_txt;*.x_b -

ema hardware requirements

Office PC with higher performance
CAD Workstation
Processor (CPU)
Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen 3 or comparable
Intel Core i7 / i9 / AMD Ryzen Pro / Intel Xeon / AMD Opteron or comparable
Hard disk
4 GB
32 GB
3D graphics adapter
for ema Work Designer & ema Plant Designer with the module for material flow and layout planning
Gaming-grade dedicated graphics card
e.g. NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX570 or comparable
Gaming graphics card
e.g. NVIDIA Titan RTX / AMD Radeon Vega
or CAD graphics card
e.g. NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 / AMD Radeon Pro WX7100
ema Omniverse Connector
RTX graphics cards
NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation / NVIDIA RTX 3500 Ada Generation
Graphics memory
Min. 2 GB
Min. 6 GB

ema software requirements

Windows Installer
Version 3.1 or higher (component Windows 10 or higher)
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) or higher
.NET Framework
.NET Framework 4.8
Graphics card driver
The latest version of the driver for the corresponding device should always be installed.

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