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Make digital factory and work planning visible, assessable and discussable

Use in teaching and research

We have developed our ema Education Edition especially for the Teaching assignment to Universities & Universities and the comprehensive Application in research is designed - it includes a comprehensive offer including didactic teaching concepts & materials as well as ema scenarios.

What are the advantages of using ema in teaching?

Who uses emaWD in teaching & research?

Typical courses of study

What are the special features of the ema Education Edition? 

Fields of application ema Education

Automobile and capability-based process design



Human-robot interaction

Interplay between digital factory and work design

Use of VR and MoCap


Machine design

Office design

Insight into our teaching materials


  • Learning content and scope individually adaptable depending on the number of hours and learning content of the lecture/exercise(s)
  • Provision of teaching materials as well as ema work scenarios (e.g. gearbox- washing machine assembly, logistics, commissioning, machine placement)

Learning content:

  • Unit 1: Basics of DMM and ema Work Designer incl. practical examples
  • Unit 2: Creating the work process, handling object data
  • Unit 3: Creation of necessary dispositions, overall scenario
  • Unit 4.1: Analysis and optimisation of the work process according to ergonomics
  • Unit 4.2: Analysis and optimisation of the work process by productivity /
    Production times
  • Unit 5: Planning and evaluation of human-robot interactions
  • Unit 6: Planning and evaluation of human-machine interaction using the example of
    the use of manipulators

Additional offer:

  • Customer-specific training for use in teaching with ema scenarios
  • Individual adaptation and support possible if required

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