Virtual optimisation of VW ID.3 assembly lines


Prospective consideration of employees with activity restrictions in the planning of the Volkswagen ID.3 at the Zwickau vehicle plant with the help of the ema Work Designer


  1. As-is recording of planning statuses and selection of potential areas for the deployment of employees with activity limitations
  2. Virtual representation of the planning status, taking into account planned work processes and material provision in ema Work Designer
  3. Development of measures regarding technology, product and process with the help of digital simulations
  4. Presentation and further processing of the solutions with all stakeholders to derive a preferred variant

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Customer benefits

  • Prospective consideration of framework conditions for the deployment of performance-changing employees in the planning process
  • Avoid unnecessary iterative planning loops through early involvement of all process participants
  • Deriving and evaluating different planning variants for the value-adding deployment of performance-changing employees


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