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CEO Prof Dr Lars Fritzsche at the 2024 MTM China Forum for Industrial Engineering

Friday, 10 May 2024, our CEO Dr Lars Fritzsche is currently waiting at Munich Airport for his flight to Beijing. He has a long and exciting week ahead of him in China, filled with numerous visits, interesting meetings and the MTM China Forum 2024. It is also his first business trip to China, so he can expect many new impressions and first meetings with partners and acquaintances that he has only been able to see on his computer screen so far.

Arriving in Beijing, Dr Fritzsche finds himself 6 hours in the future thanks to the time difference between Germany and China. Jet lag is inevitable! So it comes in handy that the weekend is just around the corner. It's also an opportunity to visit the city and get to know a few of Beijing's highlights. Of course, Dr Fritzsche doesn't have to do this alone, as his partner Lou Hao from MTM Shanghai accompanies him and also introduces him to Chinese culture. 

Day 1. Dr Fritzsche starts the week bright and early together with Lou Hao. The morning begins with a visit to Mercedes Benz in Beijang (BBAC), where they meet with the company's Industrial Engineering Department. The next programme is already scheduled for the afternoon: a seminar at the well-known Tsinghua University, held by Dr Lars Fritzsche himself. An exciting experience made possible by Prof Liang MA.

Day 2. Tuesday morning gets off to another busy start with a visit to Volkswagen Group Components in Tianjing. Use cases for the pilot project with the ema Software Suite, which is due to start soon, are discussed together. Immediately afterwards, the journey continues on a high-speed train to Shenyang (good to know: these trains travel at up to 350 km/h!).

Day 3. We have a long journey ahead of us today. The morning begins with a visit to BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA). The sheer size of the plant in Shenyang is impressive. Following the visit, the journey to Shanghai begins. After arriving in the most important industrial city in China, the time is used for a dinner with familiar faces such as Wei Jiang and other colleagues from MTM Shanghai.

Day 4. The MTM China Forum 2024 starts today.

More than 130 experts and managers from over 50 companies from all over China and around the world are taking part in the forum. Participants and speakers will discuss future-oriented, digital work organisation and share their experiences of increasing productivity.

Naturally, the day is filled with interesting presentations, exciting conversations and many new acquaintances. BMW Brilliance presented various use cases with the ema Software Suite at its plant - including an example of the NVIDIA Omniverse Connector.

Day 5. The 5th day begins with an EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work Sheet) user group, which Dr Fritzsche attends. Team building is then on the programme for the afternoon. This takes place in the old town of Suzhou, which is famous for its canals, bridges, pagodas and beautiful gardens.

What a successful and impressive trip! The blog of the MTM ASSOCIATION e.V. also reports on the topics of the MTM China Forum 2024. If you would like to find out more about the specific content of the MTM China Forum, you will find, among other things here a link to the article.

We are delighted about the long-standing collaboration between imk Industrial Intelligence and MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. and are proud that the ema Work Designer is currently the only software in the world that can calculate a certified MTM analysis directly from the 3D simulation.

Here you can find a small excerpt from the article:

Prof. Dr Lars Fritzsche, imk Industrial Intelligence GmbH, presented the use of the ema software suite in the 3D simulation of manual work and showed its outstanding results in the ergonomic evaluation of humans. He emphasised that 3D simulation can be used to identify potential problems in the production process in advance in order to optimise the design and increase productivity.

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